Screening a large number of candidates at Campus was a daunting task, Rookies World had a solution

Rookies World, founded in 2016 is a Talent acquisition company with a mission to empower the emerging talent from educational institutions by providing them skill-based
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About Rookies World:

Rookies World, founded in 2016  is a Talent acquisition company with a mission to empower the emerging talent from educational institutions by providing them skill-based, behavioral coaching and preparing them for creative corporate careers. They specialize in meeting the campus hiring needs of the corporate world using their fast-paced campus recruitment software. 

Rookies World came across TalScale and found it to be a suitable solution for ramping up their campus recruitment efforts and accurately filter out the best candidates for corporate needs.

The Challenge: 

A few years into the recruitment industry, Rookies world had grown rapidly. The increasing number of universities to conduct interviews brought a challenge to hunt the best talent out of a large number. An even bigger challenge was missing out on the best candidates due to human mistakes in the entire time-consuming process. With the increasing demand for such a service, Rookies world had cast a wider net to hunt the best talent out of a large number. The constant efforts to improve the efficiency of their campus recruitment process, reduce errors, and biases needed a solution.

Although Rookies world tried hands at using Automated assessments to streamline the screening process, they just couldn't find a one-stop solution for all their problems. And hence decided to look for a recruitment suite that was unique, covered all the features, and reduced recruiting time.

The Solution:

Rookies World came across our product TalScale and decided to explore it to overcome their problems. TalScale helped Rookies world with customized automated assessments for each of their campus requirements on-demand, thus eliminating the leakage & duplication of questions in the screening process. The biggest advantage is the Skill matrix feature integrated into the TalScale suite. 

Earlier it was difficult to filter candidates based on the individual technology requirements. With TalScale, a common assessment with varied skillsets can be created. Once students complete their assessment, the entire list of passed students can be filtered based on the technology needed using filter options. Thus, reducing a few days process to a few hours!

Read more about the Skill matrix for hiring here >

Using TalScale, Rookies world has screened over 10000 candidates in their campus recruitment process. It is now able to save time and extra cost in screening talent as per corporate requirements. The user interface of the assessment suite is a win-win for both candidates and the evaluators. We at TalScale continue to provide better software service to the new-age business problems. 

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Why Crewscale

AI-based facial recognition

High quality pool

We work with top 1 percentile talent, meaning you’re working with the best talent possible

Seamless experience for candidates

Faster time to hire

All our engineers are pre-vetted, you can set out on your project journey in just 1 week.

Guaranteed authenticity

Tested for success

We test our engineers on situations that parallel the work you’re hiring them for.

Easy to scale

Relevant talent

Find and work with engineers with domain expertise and field experience similar to yours.

Project-based assessment

Determine the candidate’s job-suitability by evaluating them on tasks that parallel the work in their role. Evaluate more than technical know-how, test their application by revealing:

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    Problem solving skills

  • Arrow icon

    Domain specific expertise

  • Arrow icon

    Contextual understanding

Project based assessment
Code sync

Code sync

Assess real-time coding skills in a real programming environment. Bring paired programming to your interviews with code sync. Get more from your interviews:

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    Interview for insights with automated reports

  • Arrow icon

    Collaborate with candidates real time

  • Arrow icon

    Revisit code transcripts and video playbacks for informed decisions

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