How Wealthy scaled its Tech team with Talscale

Wealthy was founded in the year 2015, with a vision to transform personal Finance management and give a fresh perspective to the Financial Services industry in India.
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About Wealthy:

Wealthy was founded in the year 2015, with a vision to transform personal Finance management and give a fresh perspective to the Financial Services industry in India. 

Wealth management by leveraging the best technology is Wealthy's forte. A strong customer-centric venture, it aims to help people avoid poor financial decisions in their investments. They have successfully helped more than 20000 customers in their financial ventures through a suite of offerings that include tax-saving instruments, asset allocation, financial advice, portfolio management, and more importantly a paper-less platform to enhance the customer experience.

Industry: Financial Services, FinTech

Company Size: 5-50

Location: Bengaluru, India


Mr. Agarwal admits that the idea of 'Wealthy' is a direct outcome of the impact of poor financial decisions in their lives. Hence, they didn't want users to go through the same lane.

Being a technology-driven company, it took a heavy uplifting upfront from the team to build a product that survived the competition, at the same time appealed to the customers. As Wealthy started gaining ground in the industry with seed funding, there were a few requirements

  • Streamline the user experience on the product side
  • Maintain the mobile app and come up with user-friendly features
  • To have a secure and robust platform to engage customers in their financial journey

Thus the need to expand the technical team to successfully drive business goals. The challenge was to get the right fit for the open positions. In the war of Talent, it was difficult to get the right candidates who met the job requirements.


Wealthy chose Talscale as the first choice Tech assessment platform to meet their tech talent hiring needs.

Wealthy used Talscale tech assessments for their lateral hiring to assess candidates thoroughly on algorithmic skills before hiring decision

The Talscale feature that Wealthy found very helpful

  • Create and share the Test link easily with candidates
  • Choose questions from an inbuilt library of over 9000 crafted questions (MCQs & Subjective)
  • Assess candidates in a strictly proctored environment with no scope for malpractices
  • 40+ programming language support
  • Quick evaluation and detailed shareable report of each candidate


Wealthy successfully assessed more than 100 candidates to fill 4-5 important open positions with React native Developer, Backend Engineer, and others in less than a month's time!

Why Crewscale

AI-based facial recognition

High quality pool

We work with top 1 percentile talent, meaning you’re working with the best talent possible

Seamless experience for candidates

Faster time to hire

All our engineers are pre-vetted, you can set out on your project journey in just 1 week.

Guaranteed authenticity

Tested for success

We test our engineers on situations that parallel the work you’re hiring them for.

Easy to scale

Relevant talent

Find and work with engineers with domain expertise and field experience similar to yours.

Project-based assessment

Determine the candidate’s job-suitability by evaluating them on tasks that parallel the work in their role. Evaluate more than technical know-how, test their application by revealing:

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    Problem solving skills

  • Arrow icon

    Domain specific expertise

  • Arrow icon

    Contextual understanding

Project based assessment
Code sync

Code sync

Assess real-time coding skills in a real programming environment. Bring paired programming to your interviews with code sync. Get more from your interviews:

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    Interview for insights with automated reports

  • Arrow icon

    Collaborate with candidates real time

  • Arrow icon

    Revisit code transcripts and video playbacks for informed decisions

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