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Ensure 100% integrity of remote assessments and identify the best candidates to make your hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free.

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Talscale has got you covered with a wide range of fully customised features, fields and options.
Advanced proctoring suite

proctoring suite

Facial recognition


Live Paired  Coding Interviews

Live Paired
Coding Interviews

Candidate friendly, highly flexible IDE

Candidate friendly, highly flexible IDE

API/ATS  integration


20+ prog. languages, 250+ skills

20+ prog. languages, 250+ skills

Custom  branding

Detailed Performance Report

Enterprise skills support

Enterprise skills support

Transform your hiring process

Identify your hiring needs and devise a recruitment plan with us. Monitor and assess your talent’s skills with one click!


Organize virtual hackathons and assess candidates with a wide range of assessments, seamlessly. Screen a higher volume of talent and engage them in overcoming the challenges of innovation virtually.

Conduct virtual hackathons


Conduct in-depth assessments with actionable insights of your candidate’s calibre with 250+ skills, 5000+ questions and 20+ languages for 100+ developers roles.

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Remote Interviews

Conduct online interviews and assess candidate’s competencies. Understand their approach to real-life problem solving and collaboration through paired programming.

Code Sync
Remote interviews
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Benefits of using Talscale

Scalable pricing plans

Scalable pricing plans

Security, Reliability and Performance- all in one package. With Talscale, you pay as you grow, and pay for what you get. We have flexible pricing plans that fit your needs with no hidden charges.

Custom library

Custom library

A wide range of fully customised features, fields and options. Pick and choose from our library of 5000+ original questions, automate repetitive work and save time.

Round the clock

Round the clock

Discover how our ease of use and 24*7 support set us apart. We have a team of highly motivated individuals with full- service helpdesk tools related to queries, creating quality assessments and more.

Hire the best

Hire the best

Brainstorm with the best minds in a live coding environment. We deliver you the best engineers to assess technical competency with real-world projects and crowd-source ideas to solve challenges.

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