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A suite of AI-enabled proctoring solutions to prevent any fraudulent behavior and ensure complete authenticity of candidate’s identity and knowledge.

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Tab switch tracking
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Plagiarism detection

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AI-based facial recognition

AI-based facial recognition

Talscale’s machine learning-based system flags all sorts of fraudulent behaviour with real-time monitoring: impersonation, use of additional devices, and additional people.

Seamless experience for candidates

Screen recording

Get a closer look at the candidates’ problem-solving approach. Capture screen recordings as they attempt the test & watch their thought processes evolve in real-time.

Guaranteed authenticity

Plagiarism detection

Truly get what you see by ensuring the authenticity of the candidate’s code. Talscales uses advanced web crawlers and similarity checkers for a sophisticated screening process.

Easy to scale

Tab switch tracking

Gain more insight into external activity by tracking how many times candidates switch to other tabs during the test. All switches are counted and shared in the assessment report.

How it works

Talscale’s facial recognition works in 3 simple steps

Pick proctoring settings

Turn proctoring settings on/off as per the amount of lenience you want to provide to your candidates in terms of use of external sources or devices.

Pick proctoring settings
Leave proctoring to us

Leave proctoring to us

Talscale’s facial recognition takes baseline pictures of the candidate and monitors them intelligently for all suspicious behavior for the duration of the test.

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Get the results in
the report

Judge your candidates fairly, view all proctoring results in the report, including violations and suspicious events.

Get the results in  the report
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Easy on your budget

Talscale’s automatic proctoring with minimal human involvement, along with a flexible pricing policy, make it very economical for you.

Seamless experience for candidates

Without human surveillance, candidates tend to work more freely and efficiently, which brings out their best performance in your assessments.

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All time customer support availability

Technical support via email, phone and live chat, dedicated account managers, and customer success managers are always here to help you.

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