How Onco improved Quality of Hire besides improving Cancer care using Technology

Onco is the world's leading healthcare provider building a virtual platform for cancer patients. It was founded in 2016 by Mrs. Rashie Jain
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About Onco

Onco is the world's leading healthcare provider building a virtual platform for cancer patients. It was founded in 2016 by Mrs. Rashie Jain, with a vision to improve cancer care through technology. Onco has a rich network of renowned oncologists in the world with an average experience of over ten years. Spread across more than 17 countries, the team has successfully treated 10000+ cancer patients in developing countries.


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Cancer kills approximately 9 million people every year. The idea to come up with Onco to tackle this health crisis was indeed challenging in itself. Even more challenging was the concept of the virtual platform to treat patients at every stage of cancer. To bring everybody on the same platform i.e the top oncologists in the world and the cancer patients to avail the best treatment plans, we needed a robust & reliable web application for a seamless experience.

We always wanted to have an in-house team to build, manage, and maintain the tech side of the entire venture. The challenge was hiring the right talent to run this smoothly at the backend. 

A scalable, effective tech talent assessment platform became the need of the hour for a growing network of Onco.


Onco chose Talscale as their goto Tech talent assessment software to address their concerns of having an in-house tech team. 

Talscale helped Onco in the following aspects

  1. Initial screening of potential candidates

The assessment module in Talscale helped us to conduct the first round of candidate screening. We could create Tests in varying difficulty levels and choose between MCQs and subjective coding questions and share Test links with candidates for taking the assessment. 

  1. Live coding Interviews

The Codesync module within the Talscale has eradicated our need for Skype/Hangouts to conduct online interviews. We now interview the selected candidates from the initial round directly via Code sync. The greater advantage for us is to bring other senior tech people into the panel and Test candidates for their approach to problem-solving in real-time.

  1. Hiring senior-developers became a lot easier

Talscale has a very unique module of project-based assessment that is super useful for us when it comes to hiring for experienced positions. The projects here simulate the work of an actual job role and the candidate is thoroughly tested for his suitability before making a decision to hire. 

All the above happen in an advanced proctoring environment so that we never had to worry about unfair practices creeping up in the selection process and also eliminated the bias element with the data at hand in the form of detailed reports.


Keeping Talscale at the core of our tech hiring, we have been successful in closing various tech positions faster, reducing hiring costs, and greatly improving the quality of hire.

Why Crewscale

AI-based facial recognition

High quality pool

We work with top 1 percentile talent, meaning you’re working with the best talent possible

Seamless experience for candidates

Faster time to hire

All our engineers are pre-vetted, you can set out on your project journey in just 1 week.

Guaranteed authenticity

Tested for success

We test our engineers on situations that parallel the work you’re hiring them for.

Easy to scale

Relevant talent

Find and work with engineers with domain expertise and field experience similar to yours.

Project-based assessment

Determine the candidate’s job-suitability by evaluating them on tasks that parallel the work in their role. Evaluate more than technical know-how, test their application by revealing:

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    Problem solving skills

  • Arrow icon

    Domain specific expertise

  • Arrow icon

    Contextual understanding

Project based assessment
Code sync

Code sync

Assess real-time coding skills in a real programming environment. Bring paired programming to your interviews with code sync. Get more from your interviews:

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    Interview for insights with automated reports

  • Arrow icon

    Collaborate with candidates real time

  • Arrow icon

    Revisit code transcripts and video playbacks for informed decisions

"Very pleased to have Talscale to look after our tech recruiting needs. We have managed to hire some very good developers & are now ready to scale"

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