How Shop101 hired University talent remotely with Talscale

Founded by Mr. Abhinav Jain and Aditya Gupta in 2015, Shop101 is a social selling platform that enables merchants to sell products through Social media with the help of an online store.
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Founded by Mr. Abhinav Jain and Aditya Gupta in 2015, Shop101 is a social selling platform that enables merchants to sell products through Social media with the help of an online store.

A reselling platform with over 3 Lakh sellers makes it very easy to run an on the go e-commerce business for people in India. Offering facilities like inventory management, order processing, payments, and logistics make it merchant friendly platform to start selling at no setup cost.

Industry: Ecommerce

Company Size: 1-50

Headquarter: Mumbai, India


Social commerce is a unique way to reach more potential customers and offer a range of possibilities for a seller in the form of building trust and real-time assistance. Shop101 successfully ventured into this opportunity to empower sellers across India. However, for a purely technology-driven platform, Shop101 has to constantly strive for enhancements, introduce more merchant friendly features, integrations to scale. Thus, the challenge was to hire the right tech talent to expand its product team to work on enhancing the application platform.

Also, Too much time spent on manual processes had reduced the overall productivity of the recruiting team. 

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic Campus hiring had totally become non-viable due to restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the deadly virus.


Team Shop101 was already using our product Talscale to meet to screen candidates for tech roles. However, to overcome the COVID-19 barriers to hire talent, they had to improvise to hire remotely. With the help of Talscale, it was no big deal

Screening candidates: Shop101 used the Talscale assessments module. They created and shared assessment links with the candidate who then took the test in a strictly proctored environment at their place and were evaluated with a detailed report for each candidate. Entire process was automated and hence the time to shortlist candidates reduced drastically.

Video Interviews: Candidates who successfully passed the initial screening test, had to be interviewed. Team Shop101 effectively used the Code Sync module of Talscale to conduct video interviews with each candidate. The Code sync interface has multiple features to feasibly conduct both tech and non-tech interviews.

Candidate management: Talscale has this unique feature of an integrated candidate management repository to store data and progress of each candidate in the hiring process. The test reports and performance reviews can be accessed at any point of time to simplify decision making. 


[Not sure about the exact numbers so just going with approximation here]

By switching to hiring remotely against the traditional Campus hiring, Shop101 has actually gained a lot by saving time as well as resources. Using Talscale Shop101 was successfully able to accomplish its aim of hiring university talent remotely

No of candidates screened: 1000

No of candidates Interviewed: 150+

Total hires: 20

Why Crewscale

AI-based facial recognition

High quality pool

We work with top 1 percentile talent, meaning you’re working with the best talent possible

Seamless experience for candidates

Faster time to hire

All our engineers are pre-vetted, you can set out on your project journey in just 1 week.

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Relevant talent

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Project-based assessment

Determine the candidate’s job-suitability by evaluating them on tasks that parallel the work in their role. Evaluate more than technical know-how, test their application by revealing:

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    Problem solving skills

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    Domain specific expertise

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    Contextual understanding

Project based assessment
Code sync

Code sync

Assess real-time coding skills in a real programming environment. Bring paired programming to your interviews with code sync. Get more from your interviews:

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    Interview for insights with automated reports

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    Collaborate with candidates real time

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    Revisit code transcripts and video playbacks for informed decisions

“The pandemic COVID19 proved to be a very difficult phase in our business expansion efforts. With the help of Talscale, we were able to expand our team by hiring remotely with the help of their all-inclusive hiring platform”

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