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Launching TalScale- Scale your Tech Talent Seamlessly

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Nirmaan Agrawal
October 15, 2019
Launching TalScale- Scale your Tech Talent Seamlessly

Algorithmic problem solving (and some software design) have been the core of tech assessments for a long time now.

Why? Is it because they’re the best way to test someone’s programming abilities?

I know we agree, it isn’t the best way to test candidates' skills.

Even though algorithmic problem solving and data structures revolve around software engineering skills, they don’t test skills that a developer uses on a job, on a day to day basis.

My experience at GoScale, helping companies scale their Product Engineering put me in touch with CTOs, tech-heads, engineering managers from companies across the globe. From my discussion with them, I found that their feeling towards current tech assessments resonated with mine.

That is when I discovered,

"Algorithmic problem solving is not the best way to evaluate someone’s programming abilities, but it is the only scalable way given the current technical recruitment tools available in the market."

In the quest to find the best way to test programming candidates for a particular job, I went back to the tech hiring managers. I found Behavioral questions, whiteboard interviews, take-home projects, and interviews were a few of the tactics they used.

Further pondering into the correlation on a candidate's on job performance with the selection method used. It lead me to the conclusion that Work Sample assessments followed by Structured interviews yielded better results than other methods.

Be assured we are not an alien to Work sample assessments. Work sample assessments are like your take-home assessments. They simulate your on the job tasks accurately.

To be fair using work-sample assessments/project-based assessments do not come without challenges.

They have to be

  1. Designed to faithfully represent the actual work environment
  2. Standardized
  3. Evaluated on clear, objective evaluation rubric.

Apart from the above, it takes a lot of time to manually review and evaluate each and every candidates' code. This kills the efficiency at which a company can hire.

This is when we decided to build an automation engine that would help companies evaluate project-based work sample assessments at scale while keeping things as natural and standard from the candidates.

With TalScale’s project-based assessments, we help build programming tasks that are similar to the ones that are on the job. For example, for a front-end developer for an e-commerce platform, we could ask them to build a search filter that would pre-populate search query suggestions as and when a user starts typing his query.

Over and above the evaluation rubrics for these tasks are pre-designed, this enables us to automate the evaluation of project submission, saving valuable developer time while ensuring we assess the candidates accurately.

To run a project-based assessment all you have to do is

  1. Pick a suitable programming task from our question list. [We can create custom ones tailor-made for your requirement as well]
  2. Send across the assignment to candidates.
  3. Once the candidate is done get a detailed report on the candidate’s performance.

Along with the project-based assessments, we support algorithmic coding assessments and live paired coding interviews as well.

At TalScale, we are excited to give the power to manage the end-to-end tech screening process at one single place. We are eager for you to have all the tools to shortlist the best programming candidate for open tech roles.

Talscale Recruitment Suite

We cover everything that is needed for an end to end technical assessments, which includes

  1. Automated Coding Assessments:
    Quantitatively identify the best programming candidate by online coding tests and MCQs
  2. Automated Project-based Assessments:
    Give candidates a project that simulates on job tasks, and evaluate their performance on it.
  3. Paired coding Interviews:
    See how candidates tackle coding challenges in real-time. Engage from anywhere through a live chat, audio, and video, all in one browser, enabling a fully interactive interview experience.

Currently, we support 14 languages and NN frameworks. We are adding more and more every week. Stay tuned for further updates. If you would like to check out TalScale, please visit Talscale and try it for free or you can mail me at I will get back to you at the earliest.

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