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Facial Recognition: A Proctoring Upgrade for The Modern Recruiter

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Sajay Singh
April 7, 2021
Facial Recognition: A Proctoring Upgrade for The Modern Recruiter

Glassdoor reports that an average job offer attracts over 250 resumes.

As a software recruiter, you’re facing an uphill battle. It is essential to ensure the authenticity of the knowledge and identity of candidates to keep the recruiting process efficient. But, monitoring each and every candidate that appears for the initial assessments is an impossible task. More so if you’re looking to hire remotely (which is increasingly becoming the preferred option).

To help recruiters assess talent for their organization better, we’re delighted to launch new AI-enabled features into Talscale’s proctoring suite.

Introducing facial recognition enabled proctoring for online assessments. With the help of machine learning and AI in real-time, you can monitor your candidates throughout tests to prevent any fraudulent activity. Once the test is completed Talscale automatically reports all suspicious events to you, flagged and ready to examine.

For recruiters looking to hire worry-free remotely, proctoring with facial recognition provides major benefits:

  • Real-time proctoring

Talscale tracks suspicious activity with 99% accuracy, which is automatically flagged and reported. Using the candidate’s webcam, the algorithm uses AI and machine learning to keep track of all kinds of suspicious behavior such as:
      - Impersonation
      - Additional people in the frame
      - Use of additional devices
      - Candidate missing

  • Ready-made reports

Get custom-made reports for every candidate to measure performance at a glance. This includes all the flagged events for suspicious behavior during the test, combined with crucial information about their technical performance.

  • Shorter hiring time

Focus on what matters the most to your company. With automatic proctoring and reporting, only candidates that match your requirement the best will clear the assessments. Increase the efficiency of your hiring process and shorten your hiring timelines.

How does it work?

Facial recognition enabled proctoring works in 3 simple steps.

  1. Talscale captures sample images of the candidate before starting the test.
  2. Candidate activity is monitored throughout the assessment automatically.
  3. Any suspicious behavior is recorded and shared with the employers once the test is completed.  

Your advanced proctoring suite

Online proctoring using facial recognition is a huge benefit for employers. When you get what you see while testing candidates, you can confidently work towards recruiting the best talent globally.

Combine facial recognition with more Talscale features like screen record, plagiarism detection, and tab switch track to set up a truly advanced proctoring suite around your online assessments.

Ready to supercharge your remote hiring and assessment? Try Talscale for your organization today.

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