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How to build a good Campus Recruitment team

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Akash Ambade
March 11, 2020
How to build a good Campus Recruitment team

Putting together a good campus recruitment team is the most important step to succeed in campus recruitment initiatives. Building a team that gets things done in hiring top-notch talent. By now you will have worked out your campus recruitment strategy and hence a good team will make all the difference in the end results. The recruitment team usually comprises members of the HR team as well as the team members of the departments that have open positions. If you are somebody thinking of tapping into university talent to fill your entry-level positions it can be overwhelming on how to get things started and how to go about hiring people who can go to colleges and get you the best talent. Let us break it down for you

Here are the 4 steps to build a good campus recruitment team:

1. Assess the needs

You already have the candidate personas and the list of open positions. Based on that, you have to assess the different team members that are required.

Assess the needs

An effective campus recruitment team should comprise of the following key roles:

  • Recruitment Marketers: People who look up social media and attract the engage with the candidates. Basically these are the bunch of people who publicize your company and cast a positive outlook about the company and attract candidates.
  • Junior recruiters: They play a role in the initial screening of candidates and oversee the tests and the group discussion rounds.
  • Senior recruiters: The ones that take the face to face interviews and overlook the entire process from screening to hiring
  • Recruiting coordinators: The ones that keep the campus recruitment process flowing, communicate with candidates and schedule the interviews.
  • Talent Acquisition Managers: They are responsible for sealing the deal, negotiating salary and discussing the perks and benefits of the job and offer the job.
  • Campus Recruiting Director: This is a very important position. He/she will be the focal point of all the activities right from the start to the end of a campus recruitment season. They play a key role in maintaining healthy relationships with every potential college, oversee the all-important aspects of campus recruitment.

2. Set campus recruitment goals and KPIs

How will you ever know the Campus recruitment program has paid off and you made quality hire? That is when the importance of setting goals and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) come into the picture.

Typical campus recruitment goals can be

campus recruitment team goals
  • Source better and more candidates
  • Improve the candidate engagement & quality
  • Cost reduction
  • Speeding up the hiring process

You can determine individual goals for each college, based on specializations they offer. This helps you figure out what aligns with your ideal candidate requirement.

Establish KPIs for the larger team as well as individual team members to ensure the process flows without any hitches. The KPI can be set for each goal and accordingly measured.

You can also set up a recruitment dashboard that tracks the KPIs. This will help you analyze what is working and what needs to be fixed for upcoming drives.

3. Filling the vacancies in the team

Apart from HR, filling the other roles in campus recruitment requires you to design a process. Here are some of the ways you can find willing volunteers to help with recruiting:

filling the vacancies in team
  • Enlist new employees: You can ask freshly recruited employees to help out to schedule interviews, communicate with candidates, and essentially take on the role of recruiting coordinators.
  • Involve experienced team members: The teams that have open positions should ideally be involved as junior or senior recruiters so that they can ensure top-notch talent is hired for their team.
  • Post open positions on internal forums: The best way to get employees to volunteer is to post on internal forums and be specific about the roles and duties.
  • Hire a recruitment specialist: Recruitment specialists have tons of experience in hiring candidates based on profiles and help make the entire process seamless.

4. Deciding the Pay

According to Payscale, the average recruiter salary in India is Rs 4,80,000, ranging from Rs 3.3Lakh to Rs 20Lakhs based on years of experience.

how much should you pay campus recruiters

The average salary to a campus recruiter depends on a lot of factors such as city, industry (tech or non-tech), and relevant experience in the campus recruiting.

Therefore, deciding the pay and having your team ready for the campus recruitment season greatly impacts your overall output. A well-versed team, a proper strategy can help you ace your campus recruitment aligned to your organization goals

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