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Introducing Deep Code Analysis for Performance Assessments

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Sajay Singh
April 2, 2021
Introducing Deep Code Analysis for Performance Assessments

For technical recruiters, hiring developers is not solely based on factors like quickly they write the code, but on its overall functionality. Like a piece of machinery, the code must be evaluated not on how well it looks, but how well it does the job it is meant for.

Another crucial factor to consider is how the code functions with other pieces of code made by your team over time. On tight timelines, this is a major challenge for recruiters looking to onboard new developers.

Keeping into consideration all the factors that make good quality code, Talscale is introducing Deep Code Quality Analysis for performance assessment. Using smart analysis algorithms, Talscale rates the candidate’s code over 20 criteria. Performance is then reported to recruiters in terms of 6 parameters. This feature aims to give recruiters holistic insight into the performance of the code written by applicants.

Parameters For Measuring Code Quality

  1. Coding Efficiency
    Indicates the reliability and speed of writing code within a given time frame. Efficiency is a crucial factor in understanding how well the candidate would work with deadlines.
  2. Code Maintainability
    Indicates the ease of revising/rephrasing needed to maintain the code in the long run. Maintainability measures not just how the code looks today - but also how easy it is to make modifications for future projects by any other programmer working on it.
  3. Coding Fundamentals
    Indicates code performance by checking for duplicates, complicated patterns, or dependencies within and between classes in the code. This parameter represents fundamental coding principles that make a piece of code easy to understand and work with.
  4. Algorithms and Data Structures
    Indicates the candidate’s understanding of basic concepts in algorithms and data structures.
  5. Conceptual Understanding
    Indicates the candidate’s understanding of basic concepts in their primary skills. This score is based on customized testing for the primary skills listed in the candidate’s profile.
  6. Code Quality
    Indicates the overall score for the candidate’s code. Code quality is the weighted distributed mean of coding fundamentals, maintainability, efficiency, and bug score. It is the primary standard for comparing the technical performance of developers.

Deep Code Quality Analysis: What are the benefits to Employers?

Code quality analysis has been developed with our goal of making tech recruiting straightforward for hiring teams. With a simple overview, it gives even non-technical teams a benchmark to compare different candidates on. This means they do not need to loop in the tech team at every stage.

Furthermore, recruiters get a holistic view of a candidates’ skill - not just a single piece of code. Factors like maintainability and fundamentals give them an idea of how well the candidate fits in with their team and long-term goals.

Code quality analysis is a part of candidate reports by default. Employers can also find code quality ratings in the “overview” section of the candidate profile. To unlock this feature for your account - please get in touch with your account manager.

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